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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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some overnight roadwork that could slow you down. we'll tell you where coming up. good morning, it is wednesday, february 23rd, i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. we have made it. it's much day. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. about a half hour from now, a ferry will leave the port of libya. it will be loaded with americans trying to get out of libya. those with medical conditions have priority for evacuation. michael herzenberg reports about the unrest in libya showing no signs of letting up. reporter: the growing chaos in libya is forcing u.s. officials to take action. >> as always, the safety and well-being of americans has to be our highest priority. >> reporter: this morning the state department is ferrying u.s. citizens out of the country to the mediterranean island of malta. the evacuation comes just a day after ruler moammar qaddafi delivered a defiant speech vowing to fight until his last drop of blood. [ yelling ] >> reporter: he urged his supporters to take to the
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streets, a call they immediately answered. but throughout the country, it appears qaddafi's power grip is slipping. this amateur video purportedly shows anti-government protestors in control of one town n another city, crowds tore up his manifesto in another city, the same green book he held during his speech. human rights groups say hundreds have died since the regime began violently cracking down on demonstrators. the obama administration calls the bloodshed completely unacceptable. >> it is the responsibility of the government of libya to respect the universal rights of their own people, including the right to free expression and assembly. >> reporter: in new york tuesday, the u.n. security council and libya's own deputy ambassador also condemned the violence. >> once again, i call on the regime to stop killing innocent people. >> reporter: but the bloody battle is far from over. qaddafi threatens to "cleanse libya house by house" unless
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protestors surrendered. michael herzenberg, washington. search-and-rescue teams from around the world are trying to find earthquake survivors in new zealand. about 300 people are missing after that magnitude 6.3 earthquake. the number of dead is up to 75 but that's expected to increase as the searches continue into demolished buildings. police are enforcing an overnight curfew in the downtown area of christchurch. >> she is in the classroom! are you in the classroom? hey, people are doing everything to save you! >> trapped victims have tweeted, texted and knocked on rocks hoping to be rescued. ann voss has been stuck under her desk for more than 24 hours, scared and bleeding. she called local news stations hoping to aid in her rescue. she also talked with her
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family. >> to say good-bye... >> tell me what that. >> horrible. absolutely horrible. my daughter was crying and i was crying because i really thought that was it. but, you know, you're going to tell them you love them. i have no idea what's going on. >> since saying good-bye to her son and daughter in australia, there have been no more calls from voss because it's believed her cell battery has gone dead. friends of the four americans killed by somali pirates remember them as careful and meticulous when it came to dangers at sea but even that couldn't prepare them for what happened in the waters off the coast of africa this week. the pirates shot scott and jean adam of california as well as phyllis macay and bob riggle from seattle. the navy had been negotiating with the pirates before gunfire erupted on board. macay's mother and niece live here in the bay area. >> my aunt is a very smart and
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avid sailor. she was living her dream sailing around the world for this, now the third year. she enjoyed every port and every experience that she had. >> this is the first americans who have been killed in the most recent wave in pirate attacks in east african waters. secretary of state hillary clinton said today it's a growing threat that needs to be addressed. a woman is dead after a car accident on highway 1 along the san mateo county coast. investigators say the woman made a left turn right in front of an oncoming suv about 6:30 last night in pescadero. she was pronounced dead at the scene. two of the five people in the suv were taken to stanford hospital. that stretch of highway 1 was completely shut down for more than two hours. it's now open again. and a boy playing with matches blamed for the fire that drove two dozen people out of their condos in san jose. one woman was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and some minor burns.
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that fire started about 8:00 last night. but it took more than two hours to put it out because a gas leak had to be shut off before firefighters could go to work. a teen with a record of robbery is under arrest for a series of holdups in the city of oakland. the 19-year-old is accused of strong-arming robberies of people who were apparently -- he was following home from a safeway store on redwood road. he was identified through surveillance video and arrested finally at his home on friday, according to the "oakland tribune." it is 4:36. let's get our first look at weather and traffic. lawrence is here with a look at that midweek forecast. we had some nice sunshine yesterday. >> good morning. a lot of sunshine around the bay area, actually saw some temperatures into the low 60s outside. now i got a cold start to the day if you are headed out. some patchy frost and partly cloudy skies. 30s and 40s around the bay area at this hour. we are in for a lot of sunshine
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in the afternoon. but a couple of clouds in the skies as we'll have a few more clouds. temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday. that's just the beginning of some major changes we have coming up in the not too distant future. expect highs today in the afternoon low to mid-50s in the warmest. over the next seven days, boy this could get good. chance of cold showers developing into thursday, winter storm watches are going up in parts of the north bay by that time where we are expecting some snow levels. the snow levels continue to drop toward friday, especially overnight. friday night and into saturday, that is that magic time, folks, we are watching this one really close, haven't seen it look this good in quite some time. but bee could get some snow all the way down to sea level during that period. that's a look at our beautiful weather. how about some traffic this morning? >> you get giddy over that rain and show, i love it! all right, thank you lawrence.
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roadwork picked up. the posey tube re-opened a few minutes ago. so you're good to go there. stretches along the nimitz freeway look great from hayward all the way up into downtown oakland. here is a live look near the coliseum. you're good to go in either direction. all right. still have a lingering overnight roadwork in hayward. the ramp is closed southbound 880 to eastbound 92 until 5 a.m. westbound is open. on the dumbarton bridge yesterday, there was a fiery crash that temporarily shut down westbound and eastbound highway 84. a crash involved a big rig and car. no injuries, they were able to get the dumbarton bridge re- opened in time for the evening commute. right now traffic is fine as you head towards the toll plaza. but there is still a little bit of overnight roadwork actually across the span until about 5 or 6:00 this morning depending
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on what lanes and what direction you're going. good day to use mass transit, always a good day to use bart, ace, muni and caltrain bart, all on time. back to you. >> thank you. state supreme court has upheld the death sentence for a man found guilty of murder more than three decades ago. he was convicted of killing three students who were making a film in the mojave desert in 1978. he was first sentenced to death in 1979. his death penalty was reversed twice and he was resentenced to death both times. the man is one of the longest serving inmates on california's death row. anytime the death penalty is imposed, it's an automatic appeal to the state's highest court. but the court has only 7 justices so there's a major backup there. >> i think it's a bit of a shell game. so we're talking about courts of appeal that are also
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overburdened. so are we borrowing from peter to pay paul? >> california has executed only 13 people since the death penalty was reinstated back in 1976. a court hearing on oakland's controversial plan to curb gang violence. at issue a proposed injunction in the fruitvale area. it would restrict the activities of 40 suspected gang members in the neighborhood. critics say it's racial profiling. a similar program has been in place in an area of north oakland since june. the san jose police department police officers association calling on members of the public to voice their opinions about public safety cutbacks. mayor chuck reed and other city officials are warning of major layoffs in the police department unless the union makes major concessions on pay and benefits. the city is dealing with a budget deficit over $100 million. leaders of the police officers
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association plan a news conference today. the mount diablo school board has unanimously agreed not to close any more schools in their district. but the board's president said they could revisit that ide if voters don't approve a tax extension proposed by governor jerry brown. the district is looking to save $1.5 million annually. earlier this month, trustees voted to shut down glenbrook middle school and holbrook elementary school. those two schools will still be closed for good next year. 4:41. what does the health of steve jobs mean for the future apple? we could get some answers today. >> plus, the date is set. when will we get our first glimpse of that new ipad? and a preview of some of its unique features all coming up. and you can breathe easier on your next flight. why air travel is safer than it's ever been. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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looking good today. some patchy frost out there by the afternoon. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. colder weather on the way. we'll talk about that in a few. >> all right, lawrence. we look forward to that. it's 4:43. today is a big day for apple. the company will hold its annual shareholders meeting in cupertino the first gathering since ceo steve jobs announced a medical leave of absence last month. the board will be asked to release plans on how it plans to replace the 55-year-old jobs. the next generation ipad will be unveiled next wednesday in a media event in san francisco. the ipad 2 is widely expected to be thinner and lighter than the current version. it also adds features such as a front facing camera for video chat. hong kong's economy bounced back strongly last year and the
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chief of finance gives credit to growth in mainland china and the rest of asia. ashley morrison reports those markets are lower today. asian markets slipped again amid worries of global economic growth. japan's nikkei shed is 1% while hong kong's hang seng was down a fraction. stocks took a dive on the dow jones industrial average the worst day in 6 months, down 17 8 points, the nasdaq down 77. the power struggle in libya pushed oil prices higher. overnight price hit a new two- year high up 30 cents near $96 a barrel in asia. the trouble in libya could disrupt supply. pipelines on libya's main export port have been closed. higher fuel costs are taking a toll on airline stocks. delta, unite continental, u.s. airways and american airlines parent company dropped 5% or
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more on tuesday. that's your moneywatch. stay with i'm ashley morrison in new york. last year has been declared the safest in aviation history for passengers traveling on western built jets. the international air transport association says there was only one accident for every 1.6 million flights in 2010. an estimated 2.5 billion people flew safely on nearly 37 million flights. there were only 17 accidents involving aircraft built in north america or europe. new help will be available today for commuters who use those clipper cards. >> clipper card customer service center is opening in san francisco this afternoon. the center at the east end of the embarcadero bart station will be unveiled at 2:00 today. commuters will be able to buy cards, add value to them, trade in damaged cards and get some answers to some commuting questions at the center. 4:46. taking some of the pain out of
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that dreaded dentist visit. the tool that has dentists and their patients buzzing. plus... >> this is your brain on drugs. any questions? >> well, we have seen what drugs can do. next, what happens to your brain every time you pick up your cell phone. i suppose to some it seems odd. how birds will change plans.
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have fined "children's hospital 0- thousand dollar welcome back. state safety inspectors have fined children's hospital oakland $10,000 for not properly protecting emergency room employees. it stems from several incidents involving armed men following gunshot victims into the emergency room. in one case, two employees were taken hostage. but some workers say that's not the only kind of trouble they
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face. >> i have been witness to several other incidents where patients have become violent in the emergency department. our security is less than adequate, procedures and also authority to deal with these patients. >> the hospital says it's begun safety sessions for its staff members. we have a new look now at the suspect in last month's shootings in tucson, arizona. the u.s. marshals service has released these two mug shots of jared loughner after a judge decided the release would not violate the suspect's rights. loughner pled not guilty to charges that he killed 6 people and tried to assassinate congresswoman gabrielle giffords. time now 4:50. actress lindsay lohan will find out today whether she will be charged with felony grand theft. she has pleaded not guilty for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace last month. lohan says she borrowed it. if she is convicted, she faces serious time in state prison though. she is still on probation for a
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2007 drunk driving case. all right, folks. you just getting up this morning? it is a chilly start to the day. that's not new. but boy, some of this wild weather we could see in the next few days could be a big story. hey, out the door right now, 30s, 40s, partly cloudy skies, a few areas of patchy fog and frost this morning. by the afternoon we'll sneak in some sunshine and a couple of mid to high level clouds across the skies so temperatures a little cooler. low to the mid-50s toward the afternoon. should be a dry day outside. it looks like we are catching a brief break before we get back to some stormy weather. a few high clouds dumping over the top of this ridge making their way back into the bay area keeping with it a few high clouds across our skies. otherwise a lot of sunshine in between. but that air very cold to the north now and so we have much colder days ahead. and we have a storm that's developing here. you can see some record type weather toward friday night,
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saturday. cold storm diving in the bay area, maybe even some snow down to sea level. that would be something else, folks! i think it's time to get those cameras ready, get your batteries charged. we could be in for quite an event on the weekend. numbers as we look toward the afternoon mainly in the 50s. 54 morgan hill, 54 los altos, 52 half moon bay, 51 in pacifica. as we look toward the east bay the temperatures moving up mainly into the mid-50s by the afternoon under partly cloudy skies. i think the north bay will keep that looking good, as well. we are going to keep things dry, cool temperatures, you might need a jacket and the sunglasses, too. we have some sunshine coming through those partly cloudy skies and temperatures low to the mid-50s by the afternoon. over the next few days, this is when it gets good. chance of some cold showers returning as we head in toward thursday. winter storm watch is expected to go up in the north bay hills. can you believe that?? yeah! that's fascinating. and as we head in toward friday, even colder air slides in across our skies.
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and yes, that is that time period, friday night, i believe, into saturday morning, if everything comes together, and i mean everything has to come together, there is a chance that we could see snow all the way down to sea level in the bay area, something we willly haven't seen for quite some time. after that looks like we dry outcome sunday. like we dry let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> enough to make a snowman with? >> possibly! >> wow, now you're talking! quiet across the bay area for the morning commute. berkeley live look down the eastshore freeway. headlights is eastbound. westbound commute direction looks great past university avenue. quiet down towards the macarthur maze. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, this is what it looks like. light traffic right now coming into san francisco. no metering lights. in fact, we are hotspot-free right now across the bay area. we are doing pretty good from the east bay checking the south bay and so far, seeing mostly green top speeds coming out of downtown san jose. still looks great and the ride along the peninsula you can see
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101, 280, quiet through san mateo county. looks good up into san francisco. 24/680 a camera in walnut creek showing you the drive the commute through the san ramon valley top speeds southbound 680 and no backups on westbound 4 towards the caldecott tunnel. our usual hot spots in another half hour or so will likely start to see some slowing here on westbound 4 as you make your way through antioch. but the drive coming out of the altamont pass still looks great here, as well. 13-minute drive to take you towards 680 and the dublin interchange. mass transit everything is so far on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. for the first time, we're seeing what cell phones do to our brains. do we really want to know? in a preliminary study from the national institutes of health, when a phone was put to the
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right ear and turned on for 50 minutes, a brain scan showed increased activity in that part of the brain. the phones were on mute so the activity is presumed to have come from the electromagnetic waves that the phones emit. doctors say it's too soon, though, to interpret the findings and they need to study this more. i think i'm in big trouble. >> mm-hm! >> new tool could change the way many americans feel about going to the dentist. studies show as many as 20 million people refuse to make a dental appointment because they are afraid. many worry they are going to need a shot before having work done on their teeth. the fear is greatest among kids and teens. that's where the dental vibe comes in here, folks. it's an instrument that looks and sounds like an electric toothbrush. doctors say the vibration blocks the pain. the pulsing and vibration actually overrides that sensation to the brain.
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the vibration goes faster. the nerve impulses carry faster so this one is actually blocked. >> that dental vibe costs around $300. my mother-in-law stayed away from the dentist for 30 years. >> did she finally go? >> she finally went and needed a lot of work, obviously, but she was just scared to death to go in there. >> a lot of people are like that. 4:56. the construction of dozens of new homes in dublin is on hold. joe vazquez shows us it's all because of a bird named bella and her babies. >> she has been a dubliner longer than anyone that will live up there. >> reporter: since 1989, bella the golden eagle with her seven- foot wingspan has made these rolling hills on the east side of dublin her home. >> she has had 22 birds that have nested from her in this dublin location. >> reporter: now she is back on the nest again. on valentine's day, she produced as many as 3 eggs. just as the developer, kb home was in the process of building about 80 houses here. now they have to take a break for bella's babies.
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>> so right now about half the project is on hold until bella's fledglings fly off and she follows soon thereafter. >> i suppose to some it seems odd that it would hold up development. but to us it's just a natural state. you develop when bella is not there. and we protect her territory. >> reporter: former dublin mayor janet lockhart says it's written in the developer's contracts and has been for years. even though bella flies away every year, when she comes back to her protected habitat to nest, all noise must stop so it doesn't scare her off. >> it gave us a chance to let the community know that there is a safe and sane way to develop and part of that was by protecting our history and protecting that bird. >> reporter: bella's babies are expected to hatch sometime in the next two months and fly the nest around july. construction will resume immediately after that. in dublin, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> great idea. >> absolutely! yeah. got to watch after the birds. this morning the rush to
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get americans out of libya. the defiant new threat from moammar qaddafi. and not quite as noisy as what we have been hearing from wisconsin, but plenty of union fights going on here in the bay area. today we are expecting to hear from the police union about its negotiations. we'll be right back. and a big day for apple. what the company is being pressured to do at today's annual shareholders meeting. and hope in new zealand. miracle survival stories and the dramatic call for help from one quake victim buried in the rubble. sydnie and i will be right back. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. hundreds of police jobs at stake. the future of public safety in san jose could come down to a meeting today. the worst-case scenario if no deal is reached. >> and demanding answers fromapple. what the company will say about steve jobs' successor and the new ipad. >> colder weather and rain and snow coming to the bay


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